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Manuals take time. These videos will get you started instantly.

Article Recommendation

Learn why and how you can curate extremely relevant articles from across the web and schedule it.

Image Recommendation

Learn why and how to curate and share images to grow on Instagram and Pinterest.

Your Posts

How to connect your Blogs, Shopify, Etsy and Youtube accounts to curate all your content in one place to share from.

Queue Meter

How to read and use the queue meter to plan your 7-day scheduling activity.

Adding RSS

How to add your own RSS feeds to curate content.

Custom Set your Best Time

Why customize your best time and how to set it up.

Bulk Posts

Why and how to schedule posts in bulk.

Scheduling A Post

How to compose and schedule a post.

Scheduling A Video

How to upload and schedule a video post.

Crowdfire Chrome Extension

How to use the Crowdfire Chrome Extension.

Let’s get going

Let the power of Crowdfire make you win